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The World's First Record Label Powered by Crypto

Mind Music's use case will appeal to millions - We will reach the STARS! Join us and be part of a musical revolution.
Our record label has now launched. Have a listen to the first single by Mind Records.

What is Mind Music coin?

Mind Music harnesses the power of music to capture the imagination of the world. Millions of people suffer everyday with poor mental health. Mind Music intends to collaborate with major worldwide artists to raise awareness on a global scale. Through our album releases, we will #breakthestigma, and bring people together for an incredibly important, long overdue conversation. Join us and be part of a musical revolution!

Our record label has now launched. Have a listen to the first single by Mind Records, Hurt .

How Can I benefit?

As a Mind Music Coin investor, you will benefit in several different ways. Aside from the obvious benefits that you will contribute to Mental Health Awareness, your investment will benefit from;

Automatic Buybacks

We charge a 2% buyback tax on every transaction. This tax is stored into a separate trackable wallet. Every time the buyback wallet hits a balance of 10 BNB, The buyback wallet is then used to buy Mind Music coin to increase its value for holders at our discretion. You can track the buyback wallet here.

Sales Profits

While 80% of the profits generated from record sales will be donated to mental health and suicide prevention charities, 20% of the profits from any record sales will be used to buy and burn Mind Music Coin and even further increase its value for holders. As the Mind Music record label grows, so will your investment.


1% of every transaction is redistributed to holders depending on the percentage of tokens you hold. This means the amount of Mind Music Coin you hold will constantly increase.

Deflationary Burn

1% of every transaction is removed from circulation. The constant reduction in the coins supply will increase the coins value in relation to the total liquidity over time.

Where can I listen to the music recorded so far?

The 14 tracks that have already been recorded have been released on YouTube, soundcloud and Spotify. Please visit the links below and have a listen. If you enjoy the music, please give it a like and a follow.