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What is Mind Music coin?

Mind Music Coin has been set up for the purpose of using music to raise awareness for mental health. Millions of people around the world suffer everyday with poor mental health. Mind music hopes to #breakthestigma and bring people together for an incredibly important, long overdue conversation.

We have already begun our work. Our first project has a total of 12 tracks that have already been recorded. We aim to record a further 9-13 tracks to complete the first release. 100% of the profits from the album sales will be donated to suicide prevention and mental health charities. We hope that this project sustains for the long term. We aim to form collaborative partnerships with many musicians around the world!

Please read more about the ‘Mental Health Awareness Through Music’ project below to understand what the project is all about, and in his own words, why Mark Hamilton created it.

Click below to listen to the first song ever recorded for the project, One More Light .

The Project

When Coronavirus lockdown froze my music event business in March 2020, I was left with no business and a multitude of problems that started to affect my mental health. To help myself, instead of organising music events I went back to my first love, making music, as a way of managing my own mental health whilst I dealt with the fallout of Coronavirus on my livelihood. Reaching out to old friends and other professional musicians, I found they were having their own struggles and that many people across the globe were also struggling with their mental health due to lockdown, losing their jobs or businesses, and having to find a way to adjust to a different way of life that may last long after Coronavirus. I wanted to create a music project that focused on raising awareness and breaking the stigma of mental illness and at the same time celebrate the genius of great musicians who had themselves suffered with mental health problems.

I want this project to reach as many people as possible because, for me, this music is not about a career. It is a way to call attention to the silent epidemic of mental illness that has taken the lives of countless artists and individuals. I cover songs by musicians who were lost too soon to suicide and drug abuse. I hope to show people who are suffering with mental illness that they are not alone, that there is a huge community of people reaching out their hands.

" Mark Hamilton "

Goals & Plans for the Future

Goals & Plans

It will cost around $40,000 to Record, Release and sufficiently promote our first album. Any additional funds raised into the Mind Music fund will then be used to benefit the holders and supporters of the coin. After the project has paid all the necessary costs, additional funds will then be used to Buy & Burn Mind Music Coin and increase its value for holders.

Additionally, if the project is a success (and covid permitting), a series of fund-raising Live music events will be planned in various locations around Europe in 2022. All wallets that hold a minimum of 100b Mind Music Coin will be airdropped a FREE ticket to attend any of the events they choose.

Oct/Nov 2021

Complete the recording of album

Dec/Jan 2022

Release CD & Vinyl (All profits to Charity)

May-Aug 2022

Various Live Shows Around Europe

November 2022

Mind Music 2.0?

Where can I listen to the music recorded so far?

The 12 tracks that have already been recorded have been released on YouTube, soundcloud and Spotify. Please visit the links below and have a listen. If you enjoy the music, please give it a like and a follow.