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!!! DO NOT send BNB to this address !!!

The founder series NFT’s are limited to just 1010 unique mints (1000x Public / 10x Team & Giveaways). Hidden within the 1000 publicly available NFT’s are 10x exclusive legendary NFT’s. Will you be lucky enough to mint a legendary one? There are many benefits to buying and holding a Mind Music NFT, so make sure you don’t miss out!

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Every single Mind Music NFT purchased will include a physical copy of Mind Record’s very first physical album release. Mark Hamilton’s limited edition (numbered) coloured vinyl, CD and digital download package will be sent out with every NFT purchase (1x package per NFT bought). Once you have purchased your NFT, please CLICK HERE to claim.
NFT holders will exclusively receive the 1% reflection from the Mind Music transactions - just by holding the NFT in their wallet! This will be the only way to receive Mind Music Reflections in the future, so don’t miss your chance to receive your share. Each NFT held will receive an equal number of reflections, the more NFT’s you buy, the more reflections you will receive.
Holders will gain free entry into all upcoming events and concerts. People lucky enough to receive a legendary NFT will gain access all areas + hospitality (free drinks and food) for the duration of the event. Legendary NFT holders will get the opportunity mix and mingle with the stars of the show and will be treated like a VIP
20% Discount off all Mind Records products including merchandise, CD’s, Vinyl, Gig Tickets and more for LIFE!
10% of your purchase will be directly donated to Mental Health Charity
NFT Holders will receive a share of all the traded transaction volume in Mind Music tokens. Every time an NFT is sold through a trading platform, a 10% fee is collected by the smart contract. This 10% fee is then used to purchase Mind Music token and automatically distribute it to all NFT holders. Each NFT receives and equal amount of the traded volume in reflections. The more NFTs you hold, the more reflections you earn!


80% of all the funds raised will be transferred into the mind music fund. This is the fund we use for the creation of music and the funding of the record label.
10% of all the funds raised will be converted into BUSD and donated to mental health charity. This will be combined with our first Mind Music buy & burn event in April.
5% of all funds raised from the sale of the NFT’s will be used to purchase Baby Mind tokens for liquidity
5% of all funds raised will be used to purchase BUSD and pair into Baby Mind liquidity with the 5% of tokens already purchased


NFT Collection Launch – 20th March 2022 at 22:00 UTC
Verified Collection and available to trade on
Charity donation – During Mental Health Week 9-16th May 2022
Mind music reflections switch
Album shipping - August


Please check out the exclusive legendary collection below. If you are lucky enough to mint one of these - HOLD! Our Legendary collection is defined by the gold mental health ribbon and the exclusive backgrounds, these are special! There will be some nice hidden surprises for legendary NFT holders. If you are a fan of Mind Music, mental health awareness, or even just music in general, you are going to want one of these! Good Luck!


1 Connect your wallet to this page and
2 Choose the number of NFT's you want to mint in a single transaction (Maximum 5).
3 Press the 'Mint Now' button
4 Once purchase is complete, your purchased NFT'S will be sent to your wallet and appear in your inventory. CLICK HERE to see your inventory
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