Aug 22, 2022

Announcement : Staking



It has come to our attention that our staking contracts have been exploited.  In order to project our investors, we have suspended the functionality of the staking contracts with immediate effect .  You will no longer be able to manually deposit or withdraw into them.  The staking pools will also shortly be removed from our website.    


Are My Staked Tokens Safe?  

YES! We will be conducting a full audit of our staking pools over the next 10 days.  If you have tokens staked you will be sent your staked tokens PLUS your earned rewards in FULL.  There is no longer any need to claim them from the pool.  Your staked tokens and rewards will be sent to you by 23:59 UTC on the 1st September.  Once you receive your tokens, you will still need to migrate them to the current version of the contract as normal.


Will staking return?  

YES! We are working on a set of staking and liquidity farms that will soon be launched from Baby Mind.  We are absolutely positive you will all be very happy with the staking and liquidity farming  options we offer in the future.  


Will the Mind Music price return to pre-exploit price?

The exploit caused around $12,000 USD of BNB mind to be sold on the chart.  We will be doing everything we can to recover the price to the pre-exploit price as fast as possible. We also intend to present all the evidence of the exploit to various authorities.  We will be following the money!  


Is there any further risk to Mind Music?

We can say with 100% certainty that its impossible to execute the exploit anymore as all staking contracts have been suspended.  That means everyone's investments are safe.  Please bare with us while we conduct our audit and work to recover the price of Mind Music.  Huge things about to happen for mind music as we have been extremely busy behind the scenes! Please wait for announcements!