Aug 23, 2022

AMA 07/09/2022

We will be holding an AMA in the Talent Verse Ecosystem TG Group ( on Wednesday 7th September at 19:00 UTC.  We will be talking through all the projects in our ecosystem & explaining all the challenges we face.  We will also be laying out our plan on how we intend to continue to grow in this bear market & breaking some exciting news! 🚀🚀


We appreciate that many of you might have questions that you have been unable to ask or discuss while our TG group has been paused.  PLEASE attend this AMA as I will be answering all and ANY questions thrown at me! If you are unable to attend, please email us your question to [email protected] and we will make sure its answered during the AMA.  If you are unable to attend, the AMA will be recorded and published for all to listen to afterwards.  


Lastly, I would like to say that I understand how frustrating it is when you are invested in a project during this market and there is little activity or price action.  I understand its hard to keep the faith, but I want to assure all investors that this still remains a life project to me and everything promised will be completed.  The Talent Verse ecosystem embodies everything that I want to achieve in life, whilst helping and supporting others.  All around you, you will see projects failing and shutting down but This WILL NOT happen here! The talent Verse Ecosystem will be in a very strong position when we come into the next bull market.  Keep the faith! 💚


Mark Hamilton