Jul 11, 2022

Baby Mind Update

UPDATES – Baby Mind


The upgrades to Baby Mind are going to take longer then expected so we have now opened up the contract for trading while we continue our work.  Baby Mind is going to have an enormous amount of utility by the time the upgrades are completed.  We are sure you will agree these changes will put Baby Mind on The Map    


What upgrades?

✅A series of liquidity farms and staking pools for our entire ecosystem.  Farms will be open to third party projects (Stake BMND – Earn X Token).  This will work in a similar way to pancake swap liquidity farms and pools


✅Multi-chain NFT trading platform with integrated auction house  


✅Upgrade Baby Mind NFT Minter to become an NFT project launch pad.  This will work in a similar way to Dao Maker.  You will have to purchase and stake BMND in order to participate in the upcoming NFT project launches


✅100% of All yield generated from marketplace, farms, pools and launchpad will be used to reward holders of Baby Mind  


✅The new version of Baby Mind will have zero transaction taxes and will be community driven and supported by its sister project Mind Music


✅Baby Mind will be available on six chains (ETH, BNB, AVAX, CRO, MATIC, FTM)  



🔴We will pause trading & open our multichain fair launch on Monday 8th August, users will have 14 days to contribute to the fair launch  


🔴Multichain launch will happen on the 25th August  


🔴An updated website and a full roadmap and of the upcoming utilities will be released before the fair launches are live on August 8th