Aug 26, 2022

NFT Reflections distribution

๐ŸšจLatest NFT Rewards!๐Ÿšจ

Since the last batch of NFT rewards there has been dex volume of $678,542. Therefore 1% of that, $6785.42 in MND, has been credited and split between the NFT holders.

To easily check and claim your NFT rewards, go to the inventory ( page on the Mind Music website.

The rewards have also been updated to the multichain version of Mind Music, so no need to migrate rewards anymore, this also applies to those who have yet to claim the first batch of rewards.

Additionally, all Mind Music NFT holders should keep an eye out for an upcoming form to be filled to claim their copy of the upcoming Mind Records album The Deeper I Get (, as they are finally available, and will shortly start being sold as well.

Another surprise for NFT holders, for each album sold, 1 unsold Mind Music NFT will be burnt. With less than 240 NFTs left which should quickly run out, snatch them up while you still can from the Baby Mind minter (

Finally, make sure to tune into the upcoming AMA (, 7th Sep, 19:00 UTC.