Goals & Plans

We have a transaction tax of 4% on each Mind Music Coin transaction. We will use the money collected from this tax to further the project development. It will cost around $40,000 to Record, Release and sufficiently promote our first album release. 80% of the profits raised from the record sales of every release will be donated to mental health and suicide prevention charities, while the remaining 20% will be used to Buy & Burn Mind Music Coin and increase its value for holders.

Additionally (and covid permitting), a series of fund-raising Live music events will be planned in various locations around Europe in 2022. All wallets that hold a minimum of 100b Mind Music Coin will be airdropped a FREE ticket to attend any of the events they choose.

Dec/Jan 2022

Release first single

Establish Record Label Brand

Run Mind Week Campaign

Feb-Mar 2022

Begin Recording Second Release

Apr/May 2022

Expand artist repertoire of record label and begin work on multiple artist releases

Jun/Jul 2022

Release Second CD & Vinyl

Aug/Sep 2022

Various Fundraising Live Shows Around Europe

Oct/Nov 2022

Major artist collaborations & Multiple artist releases

Dec 2022

Christmas Fundraising Album Released


Worldwide Tours and Fundraisers